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    The People & Businesses We Serve

    Hotels, Resorts, Holiday & Theme Parks & Similar Services
    We all know that in the hospitality and tourism industry presentation is everything, which is why resorts, theme and holiday parks and similar services love our gazebos.

    As gazebo and Bali hut bulk order specialists, these customers know they can trust and rely on Elite Gazebos & Bali Huts to deliver their order anywhere in Australia to more than one place for them quickly and easily.

    In addition, they love the quality of our gazebo and Bali hut kits, as they enhance and add value to the level of presentation at their resort, hotel or holiday or theme park for fantastically competitive wholesale prices.

    Flip ‘N Sell Renovators, Developers & Builders
    As a leading supplier of Bali hut and gazebo kit to developers, builders and Flip ‘N Sell renovators, these people and industries use Elite Gazebos & Bali Huts for several reasons.

    Some value the 25-year rot and termite free and 10-year warranty on the structure, others value the wholesale pricing, which saves them on their bottom line compared to building them themselves, and other customers value the fact that we can supply them with everything they need.

    Of course, another draw card for the renovators and builders particularly is that our gazebos and Bali huts give their property a point of difference that helps sell their home renovation or new home build sooner.

    Homeowners After The Perfect “Sweet Sanctuary”
    If you’re a first homebuyer, own acreage or someone similar, are on a tight budget after your recent purchase and you’re after a quick, affordable an easy way to improve your lifestyle, entertaining and the value of your new home, look no further than Elite Gazebos & Bali Huts.

    With a range of different sized and shaped Bali huts with thatched roofing, Canadian cedar shingle roofing or Colourbond, and all the accessories to match, we can guide through the entire process so you get the Bali hut or gazebo kit you want on time and on budget.

    Plus, with national delivery we can deliver your Bali hut or gazebo anywhere in Australia!

    “Return On Investment” Focused Property Investors
    Ask any Property Investor about how they can grow their property portfolio and most will have their own opinions based on their individual experiences.

    However, what many do agree on is that the cornerstones to building a property portfolio rest on having quality properties with great tenants, combined with a fantastic outdoor entertainment area.

    And this is why property investors focused on return on investment buy our gazebos and Bali huts. Results-focused property investors see our Bali huts and gazebos as an investment in their property that delivers not only financial returns, but better tenants and ongoing cash flow as well.

    Childcare Businesses

    Childcare Centres from the tip of northern Australia to the southern states, to the furthest reaches of Western Australia and everywhere in between love our gazebos and Bali huts!

    Why? Well, because they want to protect kids from the harsh Aussie sun and because they can buy wholesale or retail (subject to the size of their order).

    On top of that, they love that we can deliver anywhere in Australia and that our Bali huts and gazebos can be used for a variety of activities in their centres.

    Of course, they also value the quality and that they are built to Australian standards, so they’ll last in a range of weather conditions and include some of the best warranties that cheaper Bali hut or gazebos may not come with.

    Pool Building Services
    With more and more competition, many pool builders are creating a point of difference by buying and installing our Bali huts and gazebos to the customers they’re building pools for, which is a really smart move.

    Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to increase the average dollar sale of the pool by supplying their customers with a Bali hut or gazebo at the same time they build the pool, they’re also supplying the complete finished product and service to their customers.

    Of course, their customers also get to save their time and money compared to if they had to organise buying and installing a Bali hut or gazebo themselves.

    Pool builders also appreciate that we have a range of gazebos and Bali huts that is second to none when compared to other gazebo and Bali hut kit suppliers.

    They also value the 10 and 25-year warranties that other tropical Bali hut suppliers may not offer, and that buying wholesale not only complements the finished pool they built but their customers’ home as well, while also cutting the pool building services purchasing costs.

    Residential & Commercial Pool Owners

    Whether you’re a residential or commercial pool owner, the benefits are many. The first is that you can provide your family or guests with quality shade in a setting unlike any other. Second, subject to what you want or need, our range of gazebos and Bali huts suits most retail and wholesale budgets.

    Third, one of our Bali huts or gazebos will add value wherever it is erected, delivering years of virtually maintenance-free good time, which makes a great investment for yourself, your family and guests.

    Now, these are just some of the businesses and people we advise and supplie gazebos and Bali huts to, so please register for your FREE “Sweet Sanctuary” guide today to find out more!

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